Durham, North Carolina

Edgar Cayce's ARE Local Event


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April 21, 2018

9am to 4:30pm Registration begins at 8:30am

Pilgrim United Church of Christ (Fellowship Hall)
3011 Academy Road, Durham NC 27707

Lunch locations are available near church or attendees can bring their own. 

Edgar Cayce on 

CHOOSING COURAGE: Transforming Fear into Positive Action

with Corinne Cayce

This Seminar explores the Cayce material on fear, providing everyday practices and experiential exercises for shifting our relationship to our fears, freeing us to live more fully our highest vision for ourselves. Sometimes the fears we face are easily recognized circumstances right before our eyes. Other times our fears live as the unexplored undercurrents that influence how we show up in our lives. Whether palpable or mysterious, the Cayce readings suggest that our fear energy can be transformed into creative, constructive motivations and action

Corinne Cayce, the great granddaughter of Edgar Cayce, is a life coach, a speaker, and writer for A.R.E. She has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Leadership, and Organiza- tional Learning. Raised on material from the Cayce readings she continues to apply them as the core of her spiritual path. Corinne lives with her husband and 2 young children out- side of Charlottesville, VA.

Past attendees say: 
“Corinne was wonderful, I loved her stories about her family and that she shared new anecdotes that I had not heard before.”
“Corinne is a warm, sincere speaker with so much to offer. Lots of great insights. She has a wonderful abil- ity to relate her own struggles and issues in a gentle, often humorous way.”
“Her genuine approach to the material set the stage for value of future experiences” 
Lunch locations are available near church or attendees can bring their own. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a teacher with unique insights into the Edgar Cayce material.
Books and products will be available for purchase at the event.
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